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Soccer Tournament Procedures
May 12-18, 2003

The top 2 teams from each pool will advance in the boys (large) and girls divisions. All teams will advance from the boys (small) / co-ed division. With the exception of the girls bracket, tonight concludes the round-robin portion of the tourney. We will be scheduling all quarter-final games for Thursday or Friday night. This schedule will be available early tomorrow (Thurs) morning. Please be prepared to play as early as 6:30 pm tomorrow evening. Girls quarters will not begin until Friday at the earliest.

Many of you have baseball / softball games....and / or banquets, school dances, etc. You were already given a chance to submit those and we received several. If not submitted yet, you know the saying...snooze you lose. We will schedule quarter-final soccer games around these events. We will pair teams up based on their round robin results in a seeded manner. From there, teams will be scheduled for a night in which they are BOTH available. The DPL will use the following preference for scheduling these games. (1) Friday, (2) Thursday, (3) Saturday. Ex: If both teams are available Friday...that's when they'll play. If one team is out for Thurs. and the other is out for Friday...then we'll schedule that game for Saturday evening (after the Track Meet).
Here's the key for the remainder of the tourney. Be PREPARED and STAY in TOUCH. We'll have updated match-ups and schedules every morning the rest of the way. The quickest way to get up to date info will be to call and visit the web site. Teams need to be ready to play tomorrow night. Lastly, if we get rained out...all bets are off.

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